Running – let’s get started for 2018!

Clinic physiotherapist, Claire gives us her top tips for starting running: –

So the new year has arrived and THIS is the year that you are going to start running!.

The beauty of using running as a

Ice or Heat on an injury – which is best?

When should you use Ice or Heat on an injury?

Ice is for injuries — and calms down inflamed, red, hot and swollen tissues.

The inflammatory process after injury is a normal process which is often

An injury is an opportunity to improve performance

Physiotherapist Sean Webb shares his positive outlook on injuries…

Can you improve your performance whilst injured?

An injury can be an opportunity. It can give you time to work on other areas and come back stronger and

Back pain – myth busting!

Listen to our physiotherapist Claire busting a few myths about back pain…

Many people book in to see physiotherapists with back pain. Everyone will experience back pain at least once in their life. It can be

Minimising the impact of injuries

Ankle and knee sprains are common occurrence for sportsman of any level. If managed and treated correctly from the outset they do not need to be injuries that last for months and finishes your footballing

Avoiding Overtraining

Training is a fine balance between pushing the body hard enough so that it will adapt without going to the point of “burned out” which is a sign of overtraining.

Overtraining results in poor performance and

Fish, Physio and New Mum: Fiona makes it work!

Introducing myself – Fiona Houston, owner of Physio Inverness. Here is a little bit about life as a modern female entrepreneur.

Life is an interesting juggle… being a new mum to twins, owning and running ‘Physio